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Longtails need loving homes

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome around 150 abandoned, sick or ill-treated greyhounds and lurchers each year at the Sun Valley Kennels near Guildford in Surrey. We were founded in 1970 after the late Celia Cross found her first abandoned greyhound which had been left to die in a disused barn. A registered Charity since 1993, we are small, independent and rely entirely on the fundraising activities of our supporters.                       

Great British Greyhound Walk  22 June '14


131 Hounds were on the Guildf
ord walk! Link to the league table  GBGW Link

Street Collections

It is the  important time of the year for us, our fund raising season. Which is vitally important in the running of CCGR.
 Obviously we are always looking for more collecting centres, and if you feel you could start up one in your area, Carol Jackson would be delighted to hear from you. (01306 884304).

We have found over the years the more boxes the more money, and also the more dogs attracts people coming over to say hello.. Which usually leads again.. to more money!! The dogs sell themselves.  It is simple, look into their eyes, stroke their ears and Bingo! Money in the tin! And a desire to adopt one themselves!!!                                              

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We are always looking for volunteers especially with fundraising, as without funds we would have no "award winning Charity"  so please anyone who thinks that they can spare a few hours, making cakes, erecting tents, or thinking  bigger; could you run a marathon, climb a mountain, jump out of a plane, anything to help raise money for our wonderful dogs..We really do need your help.
Thank you!!